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Encounter Retreat For Pastors

Posted by Silas Thapa on January 29, 2019 at 10:50 AM

Dear Pastor,

As we experience spiritual and physical healing, we rarely think about healing in soulish realm. Encounter retreat is something that will reach your soulish realm where many issues like hurts, bitterness and rejections are deeply rooted. Unless it is dealt with the Word of God properly, you will continue to be slave to your own hurts and wounds in your soulish realm. We have a good news for you. Emmanuel International Church is hosting a “Encounter Retreat for Pastors” in Lawrenceville, GA. I am sure that you will not return without experiencing inner healing from God. This event is fully sponsored by Emmanuel Church and we will do our best to make your stay comfortable and memorable.

Few things to know Encounter Retreat for Pastors:

1. This is only for Pastors and their spouse. No exceptions.

2. This is three days’ extensive study and participants are not allowed to miss any class. If you cannot attend all classes, please do not register.

3. Good food and place to stay will be provided to pastors and their spouse. You are responsible for your travel expenses.

4. Registration fee is $50 for couple and $50 for single participants.

5. We recommend pastors to attend with their spouse. If you have small children, we will provide child care during the class.

6. Dateline to register is May 10th 2019. No registration after May 10th.

Contact us:

Silas Thapa: 404-452-8595

Janga Magar: 470-233-3650

Tul Monger: 678-973-6004

Email: [email protected]

To register early please fill up the form by clicking the link below.

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